The Story of Chelsea & Boote

Chelsea & Boote is an independent boot designer. Our little Cheshire shoe business was stablished in the spring of 2017. That year the world was in a worrying state with any larger footed gent having the nigh on impossible task of finding high quality smart and casual boots. During a spate of purchases, faults, uncomfort and returns it was decided we could do this better.

Comprising of two young boys from Cheshire, and a team of helpful family, friends, colleagues and fellow entrepeneurs, we have developed a product we are proud of and a brand that gives us enjoyment to build on.

With the initial concept of providing comfort and style for sizes over 11, we decided to create a comfortable and well made boot for every foot. Moving forward with a sleek close form factor, skilled craftsmen to hand form the boots and top quality materials was the only way it made sense. Our combination of leather, suede, cork and foam is a testament to simply taking time and paying attention to detail.